Re: GTK+ Developers Meeting

On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 23:37 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> hi everyone;
> it's been a long while since GTK+ developers held regular (or
> semi-regular) meetings. Tim pointed out on the wiki[1] that someone
> should work on getting the meeting-machine back on by contacting people
> and keeping action points/logs, and I signed up; so, here we are.
> GTK+ developers meeting were usually held on a tuesday, at 21:00 UTC in
> the #gtk-devel channel on I don't know whether the time
> and day of the meeting is still good for everyone, so the first thing to
> decide is what's the best time for people to maximise the attendance
> level.
> the other thing to decide is the discussion points. Tim gladly provided
> three points as a start:
>  * where are we with regards to the FOSDEM release schedule[2]
>  * summary of board meeting about gtk+
>  * are people interested in the foundation sponsoring a phone call
>    meeting for gtk+ developers
> someone has other action points[2]?

Is it a little early to discuss patches, not in detail per se
(as I dont think thats correct meeting material) but maybe formulate
an action plan on getting some larger pending patches properly
reviewed ? (maybe an "I'll review your patch if you review mine"
approach could be an idea ?)

I'm still itching to get the builder ball rolling and you can count
on my attendance regardless (I'm at work at those hours but usually
that doesn't stop me).


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