Re: Tap and Hold API

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 07:47:25PM -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> > I don't think having widget-specific tap-n-hold animations is a good idea;
> > I would say that this is really a theme issue and it would be good if
> > every tap-n-hold operation "looks the same" the to user.
> You have two tap-and-hold actions: pop up a menu and pop up a tooltip
> with extra info.  Should those have the same "I'm armed" animations?

Yes, I would say that for both of those actions the animations should be
the same; for both of them the user is holding down the stylus and you
want to show the same indication that the system is doing "something
with that action" regardless of what will show up next.

> > I think that depends on the way you want to implement it.  For tooltips you
> > can activate the show-help binding which will display the tooltip for the
> > focussed widget immediately, without any delay.  For tap-n-hold I was
> > thinking of something similiar, a keyboard shortcut which will activate a
> > binding -- this binding will trigger the tap-n-hold action immediately (iff
> > the query succeeded of course).
> Oh, so this would be global?  Sort of
>   tap-and-hold-keysym = "FunkyKey"
> in your ~/.gtkrc?

Yes, but probably with a default key combination in GTK+ modifiable via
key themes.



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