FileChooserButton API suggestion


I've fought a few hours with the working of GTKFileChooserButton. I
wanted to have a menu item and the button in toolbar opening the same
GTKFileChooserDialog. To make this happen I've constructed the
GTKFileChooserButton using the constructor, that allows passing my
custom GTKFIleChooserDialog.

The problem is, that the dialog HAS TO have a button with
RESPONSE_ACCEPT, otherwise the button won't set it's label and icon
accordingly after selecting a file. I had my 'Open' button in the dialog
use RESPONSE_OK and it displayed only the icon, the label was empty.

The second issue is with the title. Even when supplying my own
FileChooserDialog with the title set to something custom,
FileChooserButton resets the dialogs title to default.

So first I propose to make some note in the documentation (and maybe in
the FAQ), that the supplied dialog needs to have RESPONSE_ACCEPT as the
positive result.

The second thing is to stop GTKFileChooserButton from changing the title
in the supplied dialog.

Best regards
Cz rny

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