Re: gtk+/glib versions for GNOME 2.20

On Wed, Jun 06, 2007, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> If you read the release announcements, I try to include some hints as
> to what big api additions we still consider; small additions are still
> happening too. But we try pretty hard to keep the things that are
> already in the tree stable, unless the development release uncovers
> major problems with an api (thats the point of devel releases, after
> all...)

 I do read the release announcements (I admit that I don't always trust
 the contents to be up-to-date since a lot of copy-pasting is involved).

 The reason I ask about API and ABI stability is that we have some
 policies, rules, and packaging guidelines which would conflict with
 pushing non-final APIs to Debian.  Debian/unstable would certainly not
 fit, and I'm not too hot on Debian/experimental as it's too visible and
   I have started bootstrapping a non-official complementary archives
 where we could upload Debian packages of development versions of GNOME
 libs prepared by the Debian GNOME Team and where this would be

 Just my 2 ¢ on why you don't find gtk+2.0 in Debian just yet, albeit
 you can count on a speed inclusion of the last dev releases when API is
 declared as stable (i.e. no change, no removal, but only additions).

Loïc Minier

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