GTK+ Team Meeting Minutes - June 5th

hey everyone;

new minutes for the meeting held on june, 5th 2007. the (slightly)
edited log will appear, as usual, on the we site:



1) gtk+ meeting at GUADEC

   Behdad asked for the day and time when the usual GTK+ team
   meeting at GUADEC will be held. a slot has been "booked" on
   monday (july 15th), but it should appear on the official

   ACTION: Kris will ask the GUADEC team to allocate sufficient
           time for the GTK+ meeting at a convenient location.

2) gtk+ schedule followup

   two outstanding items left for 2.12: GtkBuilder and the
   offscreen rendering patch; there are still a few small
   API additions, but not critical. the question posed in the
   meeting and on the mailing list is: can the GTK+ team commit
   to the schedule and have GTK+ 2.12 released right after GUADEC?
   Kris points out that it might already be too late to have
   concerns about developers targeting GNOME 2.20 not being able
   to use the full set of features added to GTK+ 2.12, so that
   should not be a blocker; Matthias thinks that the current
   approach of keeping the outstanding features out of trunk
   until stabilised should protect a 2.12 release from delays.

   ACTION: GtkBuilder will be reviewed and outstanding bits
           will be addressed within this week; if the code is
           deemed as stable, it will land in trunk - otherwise
           a branch will be created for further stabilisation
           and integration at later date.

   ACTION: the team commits to the schedule decided in the last
           meeting - that is a 2.12.0 release soon after GUADEC
           in time for GNOME 2.20.

   Tim has been busy with LinuxTag so he hadn't been able to
   work on the offscreen rendering this week.

   Vincent Untz, for the release-team, is satisfied with the

   Xan asks for a tentative time frame for 2.14; Matthias, Kris
   and Emmanuele reply that such a discussion should be held at
   the GUADEC meeting.

3) action points from last meeting

   the only pending action points were:

   a) SVN locking investigations [Not Done] - Matthias did not
      need a lock for the last release, so investigating whether
      it's possible to lock the repository when doing a release
      will be postponed.
   b) small API pending: notebook drag and drop
      and xdg-user-dirs [Done] - both landed in trunk in time
      for the last developer snashots.

4) button sensitivity bug (#56070) - added by Johan Dahlin

   this nasty bug has been sitting in bugzilla for a long time;
   there is a fix for it but needs testing to see if it breaks
   invariants and if it behaves correctly. Johan volunteered to
   help Matthias in the review and test. this bug and the agenda
   point (3) sparked a discussion about small API additions still
   pending for a 2.12 release. Kris asked for a list of small
   API bugs to be triaged and moved on the fast track for 2.12.

   ACTION: Paolo Borelli volunteered for adding a page on the
           wiki listing small API additions that should be
           considered for inclusion in the upcoming stable

Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com

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