Re: GTK+ 2.10.7 released

> Or the above claim should be reformulated as:
> * for gtk+2.8.20 there are no known to developers occurences of memory leaks;
> * gtk+2.10.* is effectively a developmnet release, so expect memory leaks and stay
> away from it for production code.
> I am asking these particular questions because of the
>  387170 Fairly large leak in gtk+
>  360350	leak in gtk_radio_button_focus
>  362439	gtkicontheme::pixbuf_supports_svg leaks GList
>  364514	gtk leaks GDI objects on the win32 classic look and feel
>  364868	GDI resource leak in GtkStatusIcon on win32
>  370395	leak in gtk_rc_parse_icon_source
>  382314	gtkpagesetup leaks when setting new paper size
>  389194	mem leaks in gtkpagesetupunixdialog
---- These two bugs are printing related which is a new feature in 2.10.
>  348108	Refleaks in gtk-demo
    Great patch in the sense that gtk-demo is probably the way most people
would learn about GTK+ programming at the beginning, proper coding
sample helps ..:)

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