accessing gdk window surfaces

I am using DirectFB as my underlying display layer. I want to generate
the core dump of a particular widget, given its parent/container
widget. I am using the 'Dump' API of DFB to do the same.
Whenever a child widget is created, a subsurface is created as in
function  gdk_directfb_window_new

So i am using this surface handler stored in the windows
GdkWindowImplDirectFB of the window, but it contains a NULL always..

I access the child widgets list from the children pointer stored in
the  GdkWindowImplDirectFB structure of the root window/container.

Note that I do not want to take a snapshot of the visible widgets on
the screen, but a dump of the entire window.

I am new GTK+ programming. Is there any other way of achieving the
same or am I missing out something very obvious?

ARviND AyyangaR

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