Fosdem 2007 - Call for talks

Hi everyone, and happy new year ;)

This year again we'll have a GNOME devroom at FOSDEM, and we need *you*
to give a talk in that room to make it rock even more than the one we
had in 2006.

Devroom talks are 30/35 minute long talks presenting one aspect of the
GNOME community you care about. This can be a technical talk about a
library you're hacking on, but you can also give a talk about how to
market GNOME at big events, or about how to get involved in the
translation project, ... In short, you can talk about whatever you want
as long as it's about GNOME!

Like last year, you'll find all the information you want about our
devroom on , and you can add yourself
to one of the slots if you are planninng to give a talk (alternatively,
you can also mail me if you want to give a talk). 

And if you are coming, please let us now!

One difference with last year is that we might have half a day of shared
conferences with the KDE people about interoperability/common
technology/issues between both environments. I said "might" because I'm
not sure at all yet that we'll set that up, but I mention it so that
people aren't surprised if we have to modify the schedule on the wiki
because of that. And if you want to give a talk on that specific
subject, don't hesitate to add yourself *now*! :)

Hope to see you all in Brussels,


PS: if you think I should have mailed more mailing lists, or if this
mail is inappropriate on some of the lists I cc'ed, feel free to tell
me :)

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