Adding support for OS X icons in GDK-Pixbuf

Hi all,

I'd like to add support for OS X icons (.icns files).
So far I have a bunch of working stand-alone libs (homebrew
code, icns2png, etc.)...
What do I have to make GTK+ applications recognise icns files?
WMF and SVG support seem to suggest developing a GDK-Pixbuf loader. 

I've tried to create a shared lib modeled after (in libwmf)
but without much success so far: when I run gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders I

"icns" 4 "gtk20" "OS X icon"
"image/x-icns" ""
"icns" ""
"icns" "" 100

which seems to be correct (with the stretch of image/x-icns content-type).
But neither eog or Nautilus seem to notice icns files... (fill_vtable,
etc. isn't called at all)

What am I doing wrong?

kind regards,

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