Re: gvfs status report


David Zeuthen wrote:

Actually, as mentioned on IRC, TCP/IP transport been in D-Bus for a long
time, it's just not hooked up by default on the session bus nor
forwarded by e.g. ssh yet. You asked about how auth will work; that's a
good question... Havoc, can you shed some light on the D-Bus session bus
forwarding over ssh situation? Thanks!

The "cookie in your homedir" auth method should work fine for tcp/ip if you have a shared nfs homedir, you would just have to add a tcp listen address in session.conf so the session bus listens on tcp.

If you don't have a shared nfs homedir, someone would have to add some kind of other working auth method like kerberos or a cookie on the X display.

ssh forwarding would work for DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS exactly as it does for DISPLAY, and would also encrypt/compress the protocol stream. The problem of course is that someone has to patch ssh.

I don't see any good solution other than patching ssh, though. Unfortunately people are just hacking around things by using dbus-launch to give apps their own private bus on the remote system, which in most cases is all kinds of broken - it's just that few apps rely on dbus all that heavily yet, so it's possible to get by without patching ssh.


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