Re: gvfs status report

(adding Havoc to Cc since there's a few D-Bus questions here. For
context, the original questions about D-Bus and session bus forwarding
is here

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 10:56 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > How do you actually pass a socket fd over dbus? (pretty sure it's not
> > possible nor even desirable; see below)
> Neither is it there a way to set up a peer-to-peer dbus connection, so
> gvfs has to do this manually. It does so by having a method call that
> returns an address string that is then passed to
> dbus_connection_open_private(). (It looks like a typical
> DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS env var value).
> Now, we actually pass two such strings, one we open with dbus, and the
> other we open manually to pass fds over.


> Anyway, I think its definately possible to have gvfs fallback on pure
> dbus communication if local access is not possible, and add a way to
> access the files of the remote machine via rfile:///. It will be slow as
> ass, but work. 

Right; my point was more or less that the gvfs API needs to expose
enough information such that we can hack this into the file chooser /
other bits if we want such a feature (I think we do). This includes
things like rfile:/// URI's I suppose.

> (Of course, there isn't even a tcp/ip transport in dbus
> atm, so this will be in the star-trek future.)

Actually, as mentioned on IRC, TCP/IP transport been in D-Bus for a long
time, it's just not hooked up by default on the session bus nor
forwarded by e.g. ssh yet. You asked about how auth will work; that's a
good question... Havoc, can you shed some light on the D-Bus session bus
forwarding over ssh situation? Thanks!


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