Re: SoupInputStream / trying out gio

On Dec 5, 2007 3:24 PM, Morten Welinder <mwelinder gmail com> wrote:
> > Specially as you can use #undef in your C code, when stuck with a
> > platform doing such stupidities...
> Aha, a member of the standards-don't-apply-to-me school, :-)
> Yes, you might #undef, but then you would not be able to use the
> corresponding library function anymore.  For example, if a platform
> does
>     #define stat stat64
> then you are going to have problems with anything that wanted to call
> stat and anything that uses "struct stat" -- in the latter case, the structure
> likely changed size which isn't healthy.

Perhaps beside the point, but one wouldn't introduce this problem had
one written

#define stat(path, buf) stat64(path, buf)

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