Re: GTK+ Theming improvements

Hey Alberto,

I thought about it further and it would be also possible with the
current Gtk+; the outer buttons would just need to render themselves
in a different way, and with current API and internals, the API user
would need to make sure of that; furthermore give the box a spacing of
0px, and then it should (almost) work.

Almost, because each button would still draw a border for itself, so
the border between the inner buttons wouldn't look exactly the same,
as in the mockup.

Ultimately, the theme rendering should take care of all this though; i
don't really know the Aqua APIs for the tabs (yeah you're right the
tabs on OS X look like this :), but i'm sure the API user (on OS X)
doesn't need to create the outer tabs as different widgets than the
other tabs (probably he doesn't create them at all in the simple
version of the API, but the point is the same still).

On 8/31/07, Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org> wrote:
> 2007/8/30, Milosz Derezynski <internalerror gmail com>:
> > The point about spatial awareness hit it right on the spot really;
> > just as a throw in, i think something like this here should (should as
> > in, it should be a goal to make it possible) doable:
> >
> >
> That would actually rock for the native Mac OS X theme (we need a theme for
> the ongoing port though), since the tabs  used in cocoa  behave exactly like
> that. It would allow to improve the highlight for multiple selections as
> well. Do we need to break Gtk to achieve this?
> --
> Un saludo,
> Alberto Ruiz

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