Re: GTK+ Theming improvements

On Qua, 2007-08-29 at 21:15 +0200, Benjamin Berg wrote:
> Neighbour matching is impossible in GTK+ currently and it would with
> theming paddings between widgets.

Sorry, I can't follow you on this sentence. 

> * Separating positioning of widgets out of the application, and
>         into the theme.

This is very interesting. IMO the programmer shouldn't need to worry
about UI design or things like the HIG. If there was a means by witch
the programmer could specify the actions and associated data (the
semantics) then another layer could apply a style sheet to it to
generate the interface. Maybe there should be two types of style sheets,
one specific to the program (analogous to a glade file) and a general
one which would encompass what we today call a theme and which could
enforce the HIG.

> I think an interesting thing to discuss is the scope of any system. It
> was suggested that the theme should be able to handle large parts of the
> UI design. Other things that could be handled by themes include
> application graphics (eg. nautilus disk usage pie chart) or the metacity
> window frames.

This is something that I've thinking of lately: why can't applications
be in control of their window decorations? The window manager could be
there doing all it's non visible work anyway but the app (of course I'm
thinking the toolkit here) could do all the drawing and thus be in
complete control over it's interface, meaning that the functionality and
the appearance of the decorations could be much more integrated with app

Anyway I often drift into over-engineering :-) BTW, all of this is
obviously 3.0 material. I believe these theming improvements are also?


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