Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> > > It makes sense to clearly mark 1.17 as devel/unstable.
> > 
> > I'll do this.
> Thanks.

It is now marked as devel, perhaps not emphasized enough.

> > stable is link to latest stable release, and latest to latest
> > (eventually development) release; isn't it ok that way ?
> It probably is.   The only reason I prefer latest to point to latest
> stable is that I guess people will start linking to latest, and I don't
> want them to point users to unstable-will-changing API.

So latest should be the same as stable, and I'd introduce unstable for
the current development release ?  Doable.

> > >   - Why not list the minor version of each of those available versions?
> > 
> > It would multiply required disk space while not offering much
> > advantages over current situation; me thinks.
> I wasn't suggesting that you build docs for all micro versions.  Just to
> write which micro version of pango 1.16 it is.  The URL should stay at
> 1.16 though.  Just pring 1.16.5 instead of 1.16.

Okay, will do.

> cairo_*() symbols to their docs.  It doesn't need much parsing even,
> this is how the .devhelp file looks like:

I actualyl looked at them before suggesting it as possible :)


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