Re: GtkCanvas requirements?

Sven Herzberg wrote:
I don't think the GtkWidget API and the GtkCanvas API shouldn't be tied
together too much.

In HippoCanvas we took this to the extreme of not including gdk.h or gtk.h in the canvas core. I happen to really like this approach, but in general I tend to like to keep code almost annoyingly layered/orthogonal, just a personal taste kind of thing that can create extra work.

Then as you mention there's an item that can contain GtkWidget and a GtkWidget that can contain an item.

It definitely has the downside that you'd have to replicate large parts of what's in gdk and gtk already. On the upside, if you're writing a new "widget core," apps could avoid the old one entirely someday. It's a "GTK 3.0 in parallel and interoperable with 2.x" sort of thing. Probably at least a little bit insane.


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