Re: GtkCanvas requirements?

Sven Herzberg <herzi <at>> writes:

> Sounds pretty good until this point. Benjamin just mentioned in IRC that
> *theming* is also pretty important. We want to be able to render the
> same canvas item in different ways for different themes.
Let me elaborate on this a bit. I think right now everyone would just say "make
sure the gtk_paint_foo functions work on the canvas".

I have no clue where Gtk wants to go with its support for themeing, but the
current approach for themeing is lacking. Not only in that theme engine writers
think it sucks, but in particular if you look at current possibilities and
compare it to the newer display engines like the iPhone [1] or Compiz [2].
OTOH the amount of useful theme engines has been quite limited. I'm not aware of
anything really new since Clearlooks (and even that wasn't radically new).

So does Gtk want to reduce themeing and just have a simple file that specifies
colors (like Metacity) or does it want to increase its features to allow stuff
such as allowing theme engines to do animations, fades and what do I know?

This seems like an important question to me since a canvas looks like the place
where this approach would be tested first.


[2] Try to imagine Compiz were written using GtkCanvas and every application was
a CanvasItem. How much code would the flames animation take?

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