Re: GtkCanvas requirements?

Hi Havoc!,

On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 10:13 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> In HippoCanvas we took this to the extreme of not including gdk.h or 
> gtk.h in the canvas core. I happen to really like this approach, but
> in 
> general I tend to like to keep code almost annoyingly 
> layered/orthogonal, just a personal taste kind of thing that can
> create 
> extra work.
> Then as you mention there's an item that can contain GtkWidget and a 
> GtkWidget that can contain an item.
> It definitely has the downside that you'd have to replicate large parts 
> of what's in gdk and gtk already. On the upside, if you're writing a new 
> "widget core," apps could avoid the old one entirely someday. It's a 
> "GTK 3.0 in parallel and interoperable with 2.x" sort of thing. Probably 
> at least a little bit insane.

What are we missing in the current core? What benefits would bring a new
one? would it be worth in the long term the pain of duplicating code
paths? AFAIK, we're missing advanced layout properties like
height-for-width, width-for-height and such, maybe they would be done
differently if it all were done from scratch, but it seems doable for


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