Re: GTK+ canvas?

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

Yevgen Muntyan <muntyan tamu edu> writes:

Much more people would make use of simple things like "draw a
rectangle and drag it around" if it wasn't so hard.

But applications generally need to do much more than draw a rectangle
and drag it around. If dragging rectangles around was really all there
was to it, then yes, fixing GnomeCanvas and putting it GTK+ would be
mostly fine.
Well, "draw a rectangle" was a bit simplistic, indeed. Right now
I can think of games like chess (if it's not as static as chess, you want
some special lib anyway), or some custom tooltip-like things, where
you want to be able to add some nifty pictures onto the layout without
extra pain, or for stuff like widgets in system monitor - two rectangles
where you draw some stuff independently, or diagrams which do
not require great deal of interactivity (the system monitor thing
belongs to this category).

There are many possible uses for a simple dumb canvas which is just less
buggy, is in GTK, and is as well documented as the rest of GTK. I am
sure having GnomeCanvas (fixed) in GTK would not be enough (the
more you have the more you need), but it would be real real good.
If there was a choice, GnomeCanvas (tested in applications,
people know the most annoying bugs and inconveniences) fixed and renamed
to GtkCanvas OR hypothetical super-flexible super-powerful canvas
(where the author wants the thing opposite to what I (you, he, she) want),
I'd choose GnomeCanvas.

Best regards,

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