Re: GTK+ canvas?

Yevgen Muntyan <muntyan tamu edu> writes:

> Much more people would make use of simple things like "draw a
> rectangle and drag it around" if it wasn't so hard.

But applications generally need to do much more than draw a rectangle
and drag it around. If dragging rectangles around was really all there
was to it, then yes, fixing GnomeCanvas and putting it GTK+ would be
mostly fine.

But real applications do (or should do) more complicated things like
drawing formatted text and handling text selection and editing, and
have the text flow around a rectangle which is connected to other
rectangles with arrows. And the rectangles have handles that can be
dragged around changing the layout of both rectangles and arrows and
text, etc. etc.

The amount of code needed to do things like that with the GnomeCanvas
API (and similar) is excessive because you end up having to keep
zillions of little canvas items in sync.


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