Re: GTK+ Application class

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

If I didn't want any opinion, however strong, I would have not sent an
email. ;-)

    I needed a lead in to play the "whats the point" angle ;-)
I think you demonstrated the point - at least to my own satisfaction,
also I think my initial feeling - when reading the words "Project Ridley"
and "GnomeApp" I was imagining some kind of rigid widget layout would
be inherent to its design - now I see that its alot more abstract.

One additional thought - would it make sence to allow a glib-only app
to be single instance ? or use any of those features ?
If this is mostly to do with program infrastructure, should we not
deffer some of the basic logic back into GApplicationClass, and
implement only the UI specific part in a GtkApplicationClass derivative ?

Just a thought :)

I added the GtkUIManager hook because it's what we have right now; it's
not perfect but it's what we have.  If GtkBuilder hits HEAD and supports
menu creation too, switching from the UIManager to the Builder object is
just a matter of changing a hook.

Yes I see - it remains to be seen what will be accomplished in 2.12,
note that I agree that uimanager has been practicle - I've used it too,
just want to do something more generic/powerfull for gtk+, I also
agree its a little out of context for this discussion.


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