Re: GTK+ Mac OS X state of the union

On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 11:29:53AM -0800, Carol Spears wrote:
> first of all (*sigh*) gimp is not photoshop.  that being said, i would
> like to point out that when photoshop is working on a macintosh, there
> are a lot of little windows open all over the place.
> maybe for any gtk+ application to "feel good" for macintosh users, it is
> simply a matter of removing menus from places.
> the idea that macintosh users do not work with dialog windows and such
> is, in my opinion, over-rated and also inaccurate.
i do not speak for the gimp developers, nor do the gimp developer speak
for me.

i am speaking as a gimp user who has seen photoshop being used on
macintosh.  my memory of this was enhanced by another gimp user who saw
the same thing.

it might be interesting to look at screenshots of photoshop on
macintosh, which, if i am not mistaken, photoshop is native to.

i admit, i saw this on television.  i do not have access to seeing
photoshop on macintosh in real life.  so, perhaps my comments are more
to the gtk developers who might be given a task that is impossible and
based on a rumor that is simply not true.  my point is that this goal
has not been done even on macintosh before.  and it hasn't been 
accomplished by photoshop (yet) although, there are people who would 
like others to think so.

gimp is not photoshop.  they do provide access to accomplishing the same
tasks.  it should be simple, i guess and maybe someone with access to
photoshop (or another multi-window/dialog application) just simply needs
to work with it a little to see how the focus work and how the menu/task
thing at the top of the macintosh desktop handles the focus of the
exisitng multi-windowed applications that run happily on macintosh and
with its users.

my observation is more like "even photoshop does not do this" and was
aimed at the developers (or developer want-to-be's) who might not
understand this.  it is easy to trap good people with a task which has
not actually been accomplished, even by the big guys....

if i spoke for the gimp developers, i would start by saying i am sorry
to me.  i don't speak for them.  i appreciate the chance to clear this
up, whether i wanted this chance or not.


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