Re: GTK+ Mac OS X state of the union

On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 09:34:32AM -0700, Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Yup this indeed a stickler.  Given the current hodge-podge of menu
> creating routines, plus the fact that menus are abstract in GTK (pop-up
> menus, menubars, etc) doing this in an automated way seems to be very
> difficult.  I would be in favor of adding an API that could take a
> GtkMenu tree object and stick it up on the OS X menu bar.  This way GTK
> apps could be modified as needed by the developer to better support OS
> X, rather than try to make it automatic.  A program like the Gimp, for
> example, would pose a real problem to automatically trying to manipulate
> the OS X menubar.  Which menu do you display?  The one on the main
> window, the one on the image window?  The developer usually has a good
> idea of how to deal with that, so providing a simple API for that might
> be the best way to go.  Of course doing it in such a way that the final
> code need not be changed between platforms would still be a challenge.
first of all (*sigh*) gimp is not photoshop.  that being said, i would
like to point out that when photoshop is working on a macintosh, there
are a lot of little windows open all over the place.

maybe for any gtk+ application to "feel good" for macintosh users, it is
simply a matter of removing menus from places.

the idea that macintosh users do not work with dialog windows and such
is, in my opinion, over-rated and also inaccurate.

/me relurking now,


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