Re: GObject extension propose (GContainer)

Fontana Nicola wrote:

I wrote gcontainer with this in mind (the GContainerable interface is "compatible" with GtkContainer and GChildable with GtkWidget). Anyway, my solution presents some serious problems: I'm misusing the interface to hide as much technical details as possible to the implementing objects.

I know it is a huge task but consider this as an idea or a looooong term project: I don't think to be the only one with these needs.
   I think you may be overcomplicating things, if for example; the
GContainerable or GContainerIface were implemented by GtkContainer; then
nothing in GtkContainer derivatives would really have to change (unless the
api was drasticly different... but I doubt that). Then this could be extended
to other object sets and other needs without having to rewrite large pieces
of code.


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