Re: Tooltips progress

Attached is some sample code using the new API.  Opinions, comments,
suggestions are appreciated.

I don't remember too much of the original proposal, so I'll just go
by what I see in the examples...

What is the relation between the tooltip-markup and has-tooltip
properties ? Is has-tooltip automatically set when setting tooltip-markup ?
Or do you only need to set has-tooltip if you want to connect to
query-tooltip ?

Is the tooltip window available as a property too ? (The example uses
a dedicated setter for it).

The example doesn't show tooltips constructed using the old tooltips
api, but I assume those will continue to work as before, right ?

Using x == -1 to indicate a keyboard-triggered tooltip looks a bit
odd to me; how about adding a boolean parameter for this ?

Regarding dedicated treeview api, I think we can do without it
(at least initially), if we have a good example in the docs. Though
lots of people will forget the selection_changed thing for keyboard

Could you enhance your demo with an example of text view
tooltips on a tag ?


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