Re: Histogram widget

Le jeudi 01 juin 2006 �3:03 +0200, Alberto Mardegan a �it :
> Hi all!
>   I'm going to write a widget for displaying histograms. Would it be
> elegant/smart/useful if it were to fetch the data from a GtkTreeModel,
> or would it be an unneeded complexity and just some GArrays are better?
> I'm thinking of a GtkTreeModel, in which every row is a histogram bar;
> hence we would/could have a double field for the value, a string field
> for the label in the X axis, maybe a GdkColor for the color and whatever
> can come to mind.
> Many thanks in advance to all those who will share their thoughts on the
> matter.

Do you want histograms or column charts? Anyway both already exist in
goffice and we have the GOGraphWidget widget to display a large variety
of 2D charts.

Jean Br�rt

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