Re: Why are people sticking with GTK+ 26.? (Re: GTK+ modularization)

On 20.07.2006 02:09, Carl Worth wrote:
I'm personally interested in hearing more details about what your
motivation for sticking with 2.6 is. If it's performance concerns, (as
is the case with others I've talked to), then I should point out that
I'm personally very interested, and planning on fixing those
performance problems.

There are two platforms where currently only 2.6 is available.

First there is Maemo for the N770 discussed elsewhere.

The second one is win9x. Although mostly obsolete the use of gtk+ there was
finally broken by the cairo dependency, i.e. >= gtk+2.6.x. I wouldn't call this stick to Gtk+ 2.6 but just leaving the backdoor open ;)

Another thing stopping full adoption of cairo is the apparent lack of interest in better win32 support. At least for me it seems to be very
difficult to get patches accepted, which deal with pure win32 stuff.
See for some examples.

The recent switch to a very Linux orientated version control system does
not help either.

And finally although the current feature set is nice and moving in the
right direction it is still not competitive to what's possible with regard of (win32 native) print support for years. See


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