GtkRecentChooser API glitch

Hi all;

Unfortunately, when importing the GtkRecent API in GTK+ I made a mistake
and these two functions have been erroneously left inside the
GtkRecentChooser interface API:


These two functions try to set the "show-numbers" property, which is
installed only by GtkRecentChooserMenu and it's not one of the
properties defined by the GtkRecentChooser interface.  Using these
functions on a GtkRecentChooserMenu (or any other custom
GtkRecentChooser implementation which defines a boolean "show-numbers"
property) will yield the expected results, while using them on a
GtkRecentChooser implementation that do not support the "show-numbers"
property will result in a warning.

Since we are in a stable release we can't mark those functions as
deprecated, and we cannot remove them without breaking the API.  You are
advised not to use these functions: use the GtkRecentChooserMenu
functions instead:


Language binding authors should not bind those functions, but bind the
GtkRecentChooserMenu functions instead.

These functions will be marked as deprecated as soon as GTK+ will branch
off for the 2.11/2.12 cycle, so you'll have to bear with this
inconsistency for a short period of time.

Again, sorry for the mess.


Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com

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