Re: Directfb Backend

> The problem is  in the file gdkkeys.c  this is defined
> and does not compile with the original strategy.
> In my case HAVE_XCONVERTCASE is not defined.
> Now this ifdef could be moved int the x11 implementation and I could
> use the same
> fallback implementation. The win32 backend does not define it either
> it uses the fallback.
> Since the directfb backend is following the x11 one for the most part.
> I'm not sure how else to get this to work. Maybe use HAVE_XCONVERTCASE
>  ?

Hmm, I'm not sure I fully understand the problem here.
If HAVE_XCONVERTCASE is not defined, the default version of
gdk_keyval_convert_case() is compiled. This is used for old X libraries
and for the win32 backend (and probably for the quartz backend, too).

Are you saying that the default implementation does not compile
in the directfb case ? Or does it not work, and you need to provide
your own implementation ?

Other than that, the patch looks good.



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