Re: Directfb Backend

Sorry for being slow to respond to this.

So, provided nobody speaks up against it (which I don't expect), I would like
to invite you to merge the directfb backend into GTK+ for 2.10, considering
that it is actively maintained, does compile, and is used (three things
that cannot be said of the old framebuffer backend).

As a first step, I would like to ask you to post patches for things which touch
the configure machinery and any backend-specific things in gtk/

Also having some quick howto for building and testing this backend would
be good (or is there a web page describing this already ?)

Once we have the basic integration done and things are working, we should
consider removing the framebuffer backend. There are some more things
that need to be done for that, such as replacing the framebuffer backend
specific doc sections with similar information for the directfb backend, etc.

Regards, Matthias

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