Re: Gtk+ printing dialog highlevel thoughts

Hi everyone;

I have a couple of thoughts/reminders. The printing dialog ought to be checked with at-poke and event-listener-test (better yet, tested with gnopernicus or orca) to ensure that it speaks appropriate content when navigated. It would also be a good time to ensure that the new dialog design is 100% keyboard navigable.

Also, for theming, it should be possible to preview the document in a non-WYSIWYG mode. I know may seem like a mis-feature to some, but for people with certain vision disorders, it's vital that even print previews be viewable using the current theme colors instead of the actual document colors. For instance, in HighContrastInverse, the print preview should appear in while-on-black. To do otherwise can make the print preview dialog unusable and/or painful for some end-users, and existing accessibility regulations do specify that user interface elements must respect system themes.

I'm pretty sure this should be user-configurable, perhaps as a checkbox-menuitem in a menu, since most users will want WYSIWYG print previews. Not sure there's any way to indicate this in the theme .rc file itself, but perhaps someone will think of an elegant solution. Similarly, the low-contrast theme print preview pages may need to be "low contrast" instead of black-on-white.



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