Re: Sinkability considered harmful

Tim Janik wrote:

Firstly Tim,
    I'd like to publicly apologize for bashing floating
GObjects as hard as I did, I spontainiously felt very
strongly about an issue and completely unloaded the whole
nine yards into my email composer and hit "send", I was
out of place for this argument; I'm sure that you wouldn't
be around freely contributing code if you didn't have the
best of intentions for GTK+.

Floating Flag Threads:
- thread start: "Re: GObject reference counting / lack of "sink" issue"

This one here back in september puts the argument for floating
GObjects on the table (afaics the others are just implementation

[ clipped from earlier in this thread: Tim Janik says: ]
> your battle against allowing floating flags and sinking aside from the
> GtkObject hierarchy is already lost, such flags have been added/are ?> > being added to custom object implementations already (e.g.
> gimp_item_sink()).

And with that I hang my head and go about my business.


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