Re: Sinkability considered harmful

Tim Janik wrote:
People have to get over it.

well, i think the question here is whether we assist them with appropriate
functionality, or let everyone learn every possible memory management failure the hard way over and over again. the latter is prone to produce
bug-ridden software and be way less productive (see the mythical man month
on why it is important to reduce the klocs one has to write to achive
a given task).

I'm sorry;
    I havent been present on the internet for 2 days and I know I'm not
ringing in the tempo here but; I think that argument is completely unfair.

Its not by reducing the code-size by one line every created widget in
a interface-building code segment that you make life easier to a programmer;
as specially not for a beginner (although it may be convinient for a
handfull of gtk+ gurus that happen to know it safe to not unref the
out-of-scope resource).

IMO; to "assist them with appropriate functionality" means to give them
a sane and consistant fully refcounted api.

furthermore; to diverge from this ideal uniform API (regardless of the
extra g_object_unref() after every gtk_container_add()) is to add one
more "possible memory management failure" to be learnt the hard way
again and again.

Is there a paper, an RFC or anything on the internet where I can
read what exactly are the arguments *for* implementing floating
GObjects ?

The way I see it; arguing that GObject should be consistant with
GtkObject is a non-argument; floating GtkObjects is backwards by design
and even if you dont share that opinion; you cant force all created
GObjects to be floating without breaking existing code; so you'd still
have to look up; object by object; which ones are floating after
construction and which ones arent, in the end; this does nothing
for GTK+ api consistancy and it reduces GObject api consistancy.

I haven't committed a wealth of patches to the GTK+ project but I
feel very fond of it, for whatever little my opinion is worth here
I urge you please please hold your breath and pull it out of this
release at least so we can look at all of the alternatives.


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