Re: Sinkability considered harmful

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Tim Janik wrote:

Is there a paper, an RFC or anything on the internet where I can
read what exactly are the arguments *for* implementing floating
GObjects ?

supporting floating references sinakbility in GObject as well was
raised in an email early on on this list. everything's contained in
our email archives at:

for the ones who haven't been following the various conversations, i've
collected a list of thread entry points, following the [Thread Next]
linbks gives you the whole conversation on each:

Floating Flag Threads:
- thread start: "Re: GObject reference counting / lack of "sink" issue"
- problem description: "GTK_FLOATING broken in 2.9?"
- revision proposal: "ABI and API for g_object_ref_sink() (Re: GTK_FLOATING broken in 2.9?)"
- implementation revised: "g_object_ref_sink and GUnowned"
- GInitiallyUnowned: "Re: g_object_ref_sink and GUnowned"
- breakage query: "Recent gobject changes"
- general sinkability: "Sinkability considered harmful"
- inheritance changes: "changing inheritance == API breakage"



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