Re: Availability LSB specification for GTK toolkit

On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 12:11 -0800, Banginwar, Rajesh wrote:

> Kindly review the specs and give us feedback.

Here are some comments from quickly looking through the GLib parts:



This is version VERSION...
                What version ?

...defines the Gnome Desktop toolkit components...
    Seems an uncommon name for what is specified here. Either just the
    "GTK+ toolkit and related libraries" or "components of the Gnome 
    platform" would be better, with the first one being much better,
    since GTK+ is also used in other contexts, eg the ROX desktop.

Chapter 2. Normative References

The documents names say they are for the 2.6.6 versions, but the
links go to 2.6.2 versions of the api references.

...ISO C (1999)
    The GTK+ stack does not require C99. (see the current debate on 

Chapter 5: Terminology

  Shell Script: A file that is read by an interpreter (e.g., awk). 

   Seems slightly odd. To my knowledge, the term "shell script" commonly
   refers to a script where the interpreter is /bin/sh. The more
   general term for scripts with other interpreters should just be
   "script", e.g. "perl script" or "awk script".

Chapter 6: Libraries

...hall support the following GTK+ libraries...
   It would be better to just speak of libraries here. While
   ATK, Pango, etc are all part of what we often call the "GTK+ stack",
   they are not normally called "GTK+ libraries".

Table 6.2 lists some interfaces as functions which are in fact only
available as macros on Unix:

#define g_open    open
#define g_rename  rename
#define g_mkdir   mkdir
#define g_stat    stat
#define g_lstat   lstat
#define g_unlink  unlink
#define g_remove  remove
#define g_rmdir   rmdir
#define g_fopen   fopen

6.3 Data Definitions

 ...Using a C language description of these data objects does not
 their use by other programming languages.

Not sure what this is exactly supposed to mean. A large part of what is 
listed in that section is macros, which are hardly usable in other
programming languages...

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