Availability LSB specification for GTK toolkit

	Looks like my earlier message got lost during the holidays last

Anyway, LSB desktop project is announcing the availability of GTK
(including Glib, ATK, Pango and GTK) specification at:

This specification will eventually (in next few days) become part
LSB-Desktop specification along with other libraries. I will post the
update here when that happens.

The specification is based on GTK 2.6 library release.

Kindly review the specs and give us feedback. The feedback can be sent
here on this mailing list, or on lsb-desktop mailing list at
freestandards.org or bugs.linuxbase.org bugzilla which is the preferred

The organization for the spec (and the headers that LSB compliant apps
will be using) is done at high level GTK headers like glib.h, atk.h etc.

I will also like to make sure the titles of each section are correctly
named etc.

Thanks for the feedback,

-Rajesh Banginwar
LSB Desktop lead.

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