RE: Availability LSB specification for GTK toolkit

Thanks Matthias. Please see my comments in line below:

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> On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 12:11 -0800, Banginwar, Rajesh wrote:
> > Kindly review the specs and give us feedback.
> Here are some comments from quickly looking through the GLib parts:
> Matthias
> Foreword
> This is version VERSION...
>                 ^^^^^^^
>                 What version ?

Will be changed before it is released. The LSB-Desktop will be released
as 3.1.

> Introduction
> ...defines the Gnome Desktop toolkit components...
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>     Seems an uncommon name for what is specified here. Either just the
>     "GTK+ toolkit and related libraries" or "components of the Gnome
>     platform" would be better, with the first one being much better,
>     since GTK+ is also used in other contexts, eg the ROX desktop.

I will change the title to "GTK+ toolkit and related libraries".

> Chapter 2. Normative References
> The documents names say they are for the 2.6.6 versions, but the
> links go to 2.6.2 versions of the api references.
> ...ISO C (1999)
>           ^^^^
>     The GTK+ stack does not require C99. (see the current debate on
>     gtk-devel-list)
No that is not the intention. The reference is listed only because the
datadef is described in C language. See below.

> Chapter 5: Terminology
>   Shell Script: A file that is read by an interpreter (e.g., awk).
>    Seems slightly odd. To my knowledge, the term "shell script"
>    refers to a script where the interpreter is /bin/sh. The more
>    general term for scripts with other interpreters should just be
>    "script", e.g. "perl script" or "awk script".
This is a boilerplate section that LSB uses in all their spec docs. Will
certainly consider the change here.

> Chapter 6: Libraries
> ...hall support the following GTK+ libraries...
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>    It would be better to just speak of libraries here. While
>    ATK, Pango, etc are all part of what we often call the "GTK+
>    they are not normally called "GTK+ libraries".
How about if I say "GTK+ stack libraries"?

> Table 6.2 lists some interfaces as functions which are in fact only
> available as macros on Unix:
> #define g_open    open
> #define g_rename  rename
> #define g_mkdir   mkdir
> #define g_stat    stat
> #define g_lstat   lstat
> #define g_unlink  unlink
> #define g_remove  remove
> #define g_rmdir   rmdir
> #define g_fopen   fopen

Sorry about that... Will fix it.

> 6.3 Data Definitions
>  ...Using a C language description of these data objects does not
> preclude
>  their use by other programming languages.
> Not sure what this is exactly supposed to mean. A large part of what
> listed in that section is macros, which are hardly usable in other
> programming languages...

This section lists macros, types and interface definitions. The intent
is to list all the things that are standardized here. Since the listing
here is in C language we mention ISO C as reference. It could be in any
other language as long as the semantics are maintained. Hope this

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