Re: Issue now with pango on osx

Cairo makefile i guess or pango ?

The ld libtool is using is /usr/bin/ld, could that be an issue ? should i also put ld in the prefix path ?

On 07/02/2006, at 10:32 PM, Hubert Figuiere wrote:

electroteque wrote:
I went all the way back to cairo in the list. It would be nice if it said which library was trying to reference libiconv ? Should i take out /sw/lib out of my path for compiling ?

I'll make a wild guess (as I haven't even tried that code):

Just add "-framework CoreFoundation -framework ApplicationServices" to libpangocairo_1_0_la_LDFLAGS in the right

You just need to explicitly reference the frameworks at link time, and this are explicitly given.


PS: where are the maintainers of that code?

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