State of the File Chooser

Hi all,

I was recently asked about the state of the file chooser in 2.10.  I think it's
in a pretty okay shape overall, but there are some issues which would be good
to resolve before the next GTK+ 2.10.x release.  I hope to list most of these
together with a short summary on their state below.

#341890  Filename completion in location entry uses wrong folder

  It looks like somebody has a patch for this.  Need to find out
  whether we can find it or write a new patch.

#347883  do-overwrite-confirmation does nothing in 2.10

  do-overwrite-confirmation is working, except for one case: if the user calls
  gtk_dialog_response() (again) from the response callback, the overwrite
  confirmation isn't run because gtk_file_chooser_default_should_respond
  isn't called.  This is a probably a valid use of the API and should be
  fixed.  I am wondering if we should rework this without using
  response-requested.  Some more insight on this would be cool.

#348113  Reference handing within gtkfilechooser

  I think this has all been fixed already and this bug can be closed.

#349998  GtkPathBar use after free

  Should be fixed in 2.10.6 and needs verification by bug reporter.

#350457  "Show hidden folders" not working correctly

  Seems to be an application bug.

#353127  Crash in _gtk_file_system_model_path_do

  Has analysis and possible solutions; needs review.

#355756  random filename deletion, extra redraw of a file list

  Has analysis and a try at a patch.  Needs a second opinion and probably
  some more work.

#355765  Quickly changing folders using the path bar can crash the file chooser

  There is a patch, needs review.

#382479  gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder() returns TRUE and causes error popup when path doesn't exist

  Since we went asychronous this function can return TRUE and "fail" later
  on as it appears that the directory does not exist.  I don't think this bug
  is really cricital, since we still report errors to the user via a
  dialog.  Maybe we should change the documentation to say that TRUE means
  the operation was successfully started (and the given path string was
  not malformed), but can fail later on.

#363472  Crash in gtk_file_info_get_is_folder
#365116  crash when I saved a jpg file
#378486  gimp crashed to _gtk_file_system_model_get_path
#378764  gimp crashed to gtkfilechooser code

  From a quick look at the stack traces these seem all to be related
  to the file system model.  Finding the real cause needs debugging and
  a reliably reproducible test case.

#350988  crash with File Open in non-exisiting directory

  Lots of recent duplicates which don't seem to be related to what
  this bug was originally opened for.  The strack traces aren't of much
  use either, we need to find a reliable way to reproduce this and analyse
  the bug.



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