Re: Depth related assertion in gdk_drawable_set_colormap()

Karunakaran A wrote:
  We are getting some depth related assertions at time of running mozilla
over gtkDFB port.
The assertion is coming for the following functions:
pixmap = gdk_pixmap_new(NULL,x,y, gdk_rgb_get_visual());
gdk_drawable_set_colormap(pixmap, gdk_rgb_get_colormap());

It says the depth of drawable is not equal with the depth of  colormap.
any suggestions or any example code through which we can solve it??????

I just built the scribble program [1] found in your bugreport [2] against gtk/directfb from cvs HEAD and got no warnings at all.
Pherhaps you're using an outdated version of gtkdfb ?
Looking at your Mozilla on DFB patch i see you suggest to use gtk+ 2.10.1, which is really outdated if compared to 2.10.6. I think you should experiment using gtk+ from cvs HEAD, as otherwise you may be unaware you're dealing with already fixed bugs.




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