Re: build script error for mac os x aqua build

Richard Hult wrote:
Derek Hinchliffe skrev:

Great! That would make a very nice test case, alongside Gimp.

Probably not much of a test case, but I've gotten UFRaw ( built using it and am looking into packaging it up for RAW camera file workflow as things continue to progress.

Anyway, I'm wondering how active development is.  Blogs about it seem
to have dried up in the last few months.  Is it a case of not much
coding, or a case of too much coding to be blogging?

There has been quite a bit of improvements done over the last months, so
I'd say the latter.

It is a lot farther along than when I looked at it a few months ago. Bravo guys! Now I just need to dig in and take a few of the items off the to do list.


matt mead

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