Re: build script error for mac os x aqua build

On 8/18/06, Richard Hult <richard imendio com> wrote:
matt mead skrev:
> Hi.
> I'm looking to help out with some of the porting effort to the native mac os x
> gui.  I'm trying to do an initial build and running into the following after
> executing sh build all

Ah, that is just gossip's build that fails. If you have come that far,
all of GTK+ and friends are already built.

If you still want to build gossip (pretty good for testing purposes),
you could try doing make && make install manually, or do make -k install
in the gossip source. I'll look into why it fails.

Hi Richard,

I've also been playing with building the GTK+/Quartz backend over the
last couple of days to see if I can help out with it, and have been
impressed with the level it is at so far.  I'll be trying to build
Inkscape with it in the next few days although that might be pushing
my luck ;)

Anyway, I'm wondering how active development is.  Blogs about it seem
to have dried up in the last few months.  Is it a case of not much
coding, or a case of too much coding to be blogging?


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