Re: build script error for mac os x aqua build

Derek Hinchliffe skrev:


> I've also been playing with building the GTK+/Quartz backend over the
> last couple of days to see if I can help out with it, and have been
> impressed with the level it is at so far.  I'll be trying to build
> Inkscape with it in the next few days although that might be pushing
> my luck ;)

Great! That would make a very nice test case, alongside Gimp.

> Anyway, I'm wondering how active development is.  Blogs about it seem
> to have dried up in the last few months.  Is it a case of not much
> coding, or a case of too much coding to be blogging?

There has been quite a bit of improvements done over the last months, so
I'd say the latter.


Imendio AB,

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