Re: May gdk_pixmap_ref assert when GDK_IS_PIXMAP is true?

> Run the code on a x86 machine, an incorrect memory access in still an
> incorrect memory access (unless it's an alignment bug, in which case you
> can fiddle a file in /proc to get a special signal).

The problem is that the code runs well on x86 systems and its quite
mature (gtk-peers of gnu-classpath), however just this simple piece of
code fails on the target machine (Nokia770 with ARM9 processor).
Furthermore I don't see anything happen in the code which could cause
the memory corruption, it just created a pixmap, stores the pointer on
the java-side and lateron it uses the pointer to do something with the
GDK_PIXMAP it points to.
The whole java-stuff works since exactly the same is done in many
other (working) cases too.

Maybe the gtk version nokia is shipping is broken in some way, could that be?

I've another problem in the mobile device with classpath application
windows  receiving no expose events. So maybe they changed a lot?

lg Clemens

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