Re: May gdk_pixmap_ref assert when GDK_IS_PIXMAP is true?

Hi again,

> gdk_pixmap_ref is marked as deprecated. may try g_object_ref

but in fact its just a DEFINE which renames g_object_ref to
gdk_pixmap_ref, so in fact I use it already more or less direct ;-)
"it fails with: GLIB CRITICAL ** GLib-GObject - g_object_ref:
assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed"

Since this code belongs to GNU classpath I do not want to change
anything which could break the things it a dimension which could make
the whole cardhouse break.

But the check "GDK_IS_PIXMAP(pix)" means that pix is a valid g_object, right?
Or does GDK_IS_PIXMAP check pix for beeing a valid X-Pixmap, not a GDK
one - but then it should fail on x86 too, shouldn't it?

lg Clemens

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