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Title: RE: GTK+ on Win32


I also have some trouble with multiple programs using GTK.
If I use the dev Version of gimp (gtk2.8) then gaim does not work correctly.

The Inkscape team has solved this problem by including all the dependencies in their Inkscape path. Also the .rc file.
Everaldo, you might have a look how Inkscape is doing this by downloading a package from sourceforge.



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> Everaldo Canuto writes:
>  > With gtkrc file, dont works on Windows maybe because I dont use one
>  > GTK installation for all applications,
> Well, how many installations of GTK do you have? How often do you
> change icons? Can it be that hard to set icon paths in a couple of
> gtkrc files? (Assuming that is possible, I actually don't know and
> can't be bothered to check it right now.)

I check and I really cant change icons in gtkrc files, I can chage only
with GTK API call. (under win)

>  > O Linux my application is nice but I really like to have a better look
>  > under Windows. Is possible we include a new icon theme in oficial GTK++
>  > Win32 binaries?
> Nope, I won't do that. Too much hassle. Besides, who would decide
> *which* icon theme to include? People have different taste, you
> know. It's best if the official GTK+ binaries just include what's in
> the source distribution. Downstream distributions with installers and
> stuff can modify to their heart's contents...

Ok. You are sure.

>  > >  > I cant change icons using theme engine under Win, on Linux ok but
>  > >  > on Win it does not work.
>  > > Using *what* theme engine? What exactly did you try?
>  > I try BlueCurve and Nuvola, both dont works.
> Please don't assume I know what those are. What *exacly* did you try
> to do?

I like to have a more "Windows compliant" icon theme on my GTK
applications (only under Win, on Linux all is fine), I make this with
API calls but I need to make it in all applications and is nice to have
a GTK package that dont need to make this.

I think that if I can compile my own GTK under Win my problems will be
solved, but I have a lot of errors. You know a tutorial that explain how
build GTK libs under Win or can help me to do this?


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