GTK+ on Win32

Everaldo Canuto writes:
 > I see that theres a pre-compiled Win32 packages for GTK+, I try some
 > times to compile my self but I cant. Anyone know who build this Win32
 > packages?

I build them.

 > I need to compile my self because default GTK+ stock icons is nice on
 > Linux but on Windows is a little strange that all other application
 > theres colors and GTK applications is a little gray.

Hmm, actually *using* GTK is not so much my speciality, but I would
have guessed changing icons from the built-in stock ones would be
possible using some simple setting in the gtkrc file, an environment
variable, or with some GTK API call from the application?

 > I cant change icons using theme engine under Win, on Linux ok but
 > on Win it does not work.

Using *what* theme engine? What exactly did you try?


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