Re: GTK+ on Win32

Everaldo Canuto writes:
 > With gtkrc file, dont works on Windows maybe because I dont use one
 > GTK installation for all applications,

Well, how many installations of GTK do you have? How often do you
change icons? Can it be that hard to set icon paths in a couple of
gtkrc files? (Assuming that is possible, I actually don't know and
can't be bothered to check it right now.)

 > O Linux my application is nice but I really like to have a better look
 > under Windows. Is possible we include a new icon theme in oficial GTK++
 > Win32 binaries?

Nope, I won't do that. Too much hassle. Besides, who would decide
*which* icon theme to include? People have different taste, you
know. It's best if the official GTK+ binaries just include what's in
the source distribution. Downstream distributions with installers and
stuff can modify to their heart's contents...

 > >  > I cant change icons using theme engine under Win, on Linux ok but
 > >  > on Win it does not work.

 > > Using *what* theme engine? What exactly did you try?

 > I try BlueCurve and Nuvola, both dont works.

Please don't assume I know what those are. What *exacly* did you try
to do?


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