Re: GTK+ on Win32

Everaldo Canuto writes:
 > I check and I really cant change icons in gtkrc files,

What did you try? If it's possible on Unix, I don't see any immediate
reason why it shouldn't be possible on Windows, too, assuming any
possibly required additional theme engine is installed.

 > > Please don't assume I know what those are. What *exacly* did you try
 > > to do?

 > I like to have a more "Windows compliant" icon theme on my GTK
 > applications (only under Win, on Linux all is fine), I make this with
 > API calls but I need to make it in all applications and is nice to have
 > a GTK package that dont need to make this.

You still didn't tell what exactly you did.

Do the Bluecurve and Nuvola themes you mentioned for instance use the
SVG theme engine? Then you would have to find or build that first for
Windows. Hmm, I probably should do that...

 > I think that if I can compile my own GTK under Win my problems will be
 > solved, but I have a lot of errors. You know a tutorial that explain how
 > build GTK libs under Win or can help me to do this?


More hints in (ignore the
stuff relevant only for Evolution).


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