Re: A OverTheSpot patch for gtk 2.4.x and 2.6.x

Hi, terralet,
The patch works fine for me on Gtk+ 2.6.4 with fcitx.

I think this sould be merged to the mainstream branch.

Tetralet wrote:

>The OverTheSpot mode of XIM is the most common input method for
>Chinese/Japanese users.
>but it is a pity that gtk2+ library don't support it,
>so that all the gtk2+ based applications, like Mozilla, Firefox,
>Thunderbird, Gaim, gEdit, NVU...can not support the OverTheSpot mode.
>The attached file is a patch of libgtk2.0-0 package to make gtk2+
>library support OverTheSpot mode.
>It is written by Edward Liu <cp76 csie nctu edu tw>.
>After some testing, we feel that this patch is stable enough to update
>to the upstream.
>Please consider to apply this.
>If you're interesting, please read on...

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